Clinical pilates combines  the principles of traditional pilates with a scientific, research based approach to exercise and injury rehabilitation .It focusses on restoring posture, core stability, strength, flexibility, balance and an efficient breathing pattern.

Clinical pilates helps with :

·        Recovery from injury or surgery

·        Management of chronic  illness or pain

·        Maintaining general strength and fitness without impact on joints

·        Improved sporting performance in recreational and elite athletes

     Our clinicians utilise assessment and treatment tools to address each client’s specific problem and design a treatment programme to address the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms which gives better long term outcomes. Clinical pilates training is available in one-on-one sessions or within a small group class. It is suitable for people of all ages and exercises can be modified to individual needs.

Classes run from term to term and all equipment is provided.Spaces are limited so please call to register your interest .

See insert for latest timetable: 

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