Prevention and pro-active management of injuries in the workplace are important and reduce both the personal and business impact of injuries. Research shows that remaining at work or an early return to work after illness or injury benefits both workers and employers and reduces the risk of long term loss of employment.

We at Activate physiotherapy are committed to working as part of an inter-disciplinary team to help you to recover from injury and assist you with the process of returning to work. We are contracted to provide ACC Vocational Medical Services which include functional strengthening programmes, graduated return to work plans and workplace assessments. We work closely with medical specialists which means that you can have continuity of care from immediately post -surgery or injury until you are fully fit to resume all work duties.

We also provide worker education seminars which are an interactive and fun way to educate staff about safe handling and injury prevention, stress management, work station ergonomics and posture .


Working in Partnership with Fit for Work