Congratulations on your pregnancy! During this time there are so many reasons to stay active, optimising your own and your baby’s health.




Where: Activate Physiotherapy, Level 2 The
Collingwood Centre, 105 Collingwood Street
With: Celia Tomlinson, Pelvic Floor Physio
When: 6pm Monday evenings
Bring: waterbottle, towel, comfy clothes
Cost: $20 per class or $75 for 5 classes
Call Activate Physiotherapy to book:

It can be challenging to stay active if you
have low energy, pain or are unsure what is
safe. The research strongly supports the
many benefits of regular exercise during
your pregnancy including:

★ Reduced pelvic, back and neck pain
★ Reduced risk of gestational
★ Increase and maintain strength
and fitness
★ Improved posture
★ Improved mood
★ Increased energy levels
★ Improved pelvic floor muscle and
bladder control
★ Assist in your preparation for birth
★ Health benefits for your baby
including reduced risk of diabetes,
healthy heart, improved brain
function and BMI range

As a Physiotherapist Specialising in Pelvic health
and pregnancy, my goal is to help you feel great
and stay active through your pregnancy. Classes
include a range of exercises safe for all stages of
pregnancy, pelvic floor training, pregnancy and
post-natal topics and a chance to socialise with
other expecting mums.

It is important to check with your GP or
obstetrician first to see if you have any risks which may limit your exercise ability.

How to know if this class is right for you? Easy,
just ask! Please call me on 02108739315 if you
have any questions or concerns.